Outsider Art in France
Pictures from a Road Trip

Le Jardin Humoristique Sculpture Garden of Gabriel Albert

site shows photographs from a road trip through France in September, 2007. It features art by untrained but dedicated artists.

This road trip was inspired by the book "
Fantasy Worlds" by Deidi Von Schaewen and John Maizels. It is an awesomely great book. Occasionally on this site, I will quote from it. After reading that book, it seemed like a pretty good road trip could be assembled from just the French sites alone. The links above are in the order we visited them.
To plan this trip, I put up a map and marked where all the sites were. There were way more than could be visited in a three-week road trip, but there were clumps of them along the Western side of France. In addition, the Palais Ideal was in Lyon, across the country, so we had to go there too. That was close to Lausanne, home of the Art Brut museum, which you must see if you like this sort of art. In a previous trip, we saw La Fabuloserie South of Paris, which is almost as amazing as the Art Brut museum. You must go there too.

More information

Here are some more sites about outsider art in France, or at least nearby:

Driving tips

Included are directions for getting to these places (some are hard to find) and links to more information. If you want to drive, use Google Maps to get a general idea, and then get one of those detailed French road atlases. A Michelin map doesn't have the details.

If you are from the USA, be aware that in France there are seemingly 100 little towns per square inch. If they put them all on a map, the map would be solid black. More to the point, road direction signs do not list all the towns that are coming up on the road. Instead, they might list a few of the larger, closer ones. If you are looking for a small town, you won't see a sign for it until you are almost there. To get there, find a larger town, and navigate to it. To do so, you probably have to navigate a chain of towns. For example, if you are going to Town D from Town A, via Town B and Town C, look for Town A, then look for Town B, and so forth. You'll catch on. Allow plenty of extra time to find places.

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