La Maison Bleue

This is a spectacular broken-tile house, with the unique attribute of using bright blue groute. The good news is that it's well-protected from the elements. The bad news is that it is inaccessible. You can see a bit from the street, but not much.


Inquire from the Web site at Maison Bleue. Last year, the house was only open one day of the year during the 'Journées du patrimoine', or Heritage Days, in mid-September.


13 rue des Frères Bisson
14000 Dives-sur-Mer, North-east of Caen

Finding Dives-sur-Mer is easy, finding La Maison Bleue is not so easy. Search for this in Google Maps:

13 rue des Frères Bisson, Dives-sur-Mer, France

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