La Maison de la Vaisselle Cassée

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"Robert Vasseur, a former milk-delivery driver, started in 1952 to decorate his house and garden near Rouen with shells and broken crockery, aided throughout by his wife. The exterior walls of the house shimmer with decorative imagery. They are dominated by a huge butterfly, which refers to Vasseur's CB radio code name, Butterfly 27."
"Within the courtyard, the mosaic surfaces cover a variety of structures, including a dog kennel encrusted with shells, and a complex fountain, which is rotated by the flow of its waters. Even the coalshed has been encased in mosaic."
"The interior of the House of Broken Crockery is also encrusted with decoration; one can still see the first object to receive mosaic treatment, an old cement sink. Vasseur had an arrangement with the local dump to put aside broken crockery for him to collect, each piece of which he carefully washed and sterilised."

- From "Fantasy Worlds" by Deidi Von Schaewen and John Maizels

The exterior on the street is very nice, but the interior and courtyard are the best. Robert Vasseur's son lives there, and will give you a tour. He loves to talk. The dog, a large German shepherd, barks threateningly, but is very friendly.


April 15 to September 15,  2:30 – 6:30


80 rue du Bal-Champêtre
27400 Louviers, South of Rouen
Tél : 02 32 40 22 71

There is one small sign in Louviers pointing to the house. Allow for a considerable amount of time driving around in town looking for the place in a maze of one-way streets.

Search for this in Google Maps:
80 rue du Bal-Champêtre, Louviers, France

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