La Boheme
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"The sculpture garden of the former plasterer Lucien Favreau in Aqutaine is dedicated to the public figures and events that marked his long life. Singers Mireille Mathieu and Georges Brassens rub shoulders with statesmen such as Charles de Gaulle, while a fresco commemorates the victims of Treblinka."
"A hand stands embellished with a heart in homage to the French comedian Coluche. Favreau's beloved dog Zappy has its own tomb, and the artist built one for himself too, so that he could rest in peace amid his own creations."

- From "Fantasy Worlds" by Deidi Von Schaewen and John Maizels

A goodly amount of very wacked-out sculptures, in a very pleasant setting. You need to drive to this; it is WAY out in the country. It is worth it. 


There are no hours, that I know of. However, the sculptures are outdoors, you can walk among them any time. You can also go inside the garden, through the gate, which is unlocked. Leave a donation as you leave.

There are more things inside the house, but you most likely need to make arrangements to see them. We didn't. There is enough to see outdoors.


16210 Chalais, Charente, near Yviers, south of  Angouleme
Tel: +33-(0)5 45 98 02 65

From Chalais, take D731 toward Bardenac (Northwest). Follow the signs to Yviers. If you are coming from the north (Bardenac), there is a small sign pointing right which you might miss, or ignore, because the road looks rather tiny. We passed it up in favor of something more substantial, which we didn't find. However, after turning around in Chalais, we came back the other direction, and found a more visible sign to Yviers. It is from that road that the following directions are given.

In Yviers, drive through town, and veer to the left, or at any rate, south/south-west. A little further, down a hill, around some turns, and you are there. The road runs right through it; sculpture on the right, house on the left. If you drive for longer than 15 minutes past Yviers, you have taken the wrong road out of Yviers, unless you are a very slow driver.

I found these directions on the Web, and, incredibly, they worked pretty well, once we found Yviers:

"A Yviers (environs de Chalais), ne pas prendre la direction de Boresse mais la route à gauche. C’est tout droit. Après 2 km environ, un embranchement, La Vaure à droite."

Using auto-translation, we end up with:

"In Yviers (surroundings of Chalais), not to take the direction of Boresse but the road on the left. Go straight. After approximately 2 km, a junction, Vaure on the right. It is there. To telephone to visit."

If you can't find it, ask for directions in Yviers. It's very close.

More information

There is no Web site, but if you search for La Bohème de Lucien Favreau, some things will turn up, such as this:
animula vagula


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