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Scott has been performing on and off for decades. His first performances were with the legendary lost band from Aptos "Harold Honey and the Cabbage Heads." Scott was a cabbage head. Various outfits came and went, playing a variety of music, as people did back then. And then there was an "off" period for 27 years, while Scott had something of a life, with college, jobs, and children. Several years ago, Scott, in a move typical of geezers such as himself, got back on stage with various blues bands, with which he continues to perform. More recently, Scott has been writing songs and playing to quieter audiences. He has recently released his first CD, "Songs of Love and Porkchops."

Since Scott has been playing guitar for so long, he has figured out how to get around a fretboard pretty well. His guitar playing is influenced by many musicians, including Charlie Christian, Benny Goodman, Charlie Parker, BB King, Eldon Shamblin, Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Lonnie Johnson, and John Lee Hooker. His singing is mostly influenced by old-school R&B shouters and crooners such as Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner, and Dinah Washington.

At a Scott T. Miller performance, you can expect a lot of really whippie guitar playing, expressive and somewhat wacked-out singing, some story telling and general rambling, and a lot of mostly humorous songs. A short sampling of song titles should set your expectations properly: Hello Mrs. Porkchop, Wash Your Face, Keep Away From That Porkchop, Keep Your Nose On Your Face, and Porkchops On My Mind.

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