Scott T. Miller's Music

Go here to get Scott T. Miller's CD "Songs of Love and Porkchops:"

Scott T. Miller sings and plays guitar. He plays mostly blues and original tunes, some of which are blues, and some not.
He plays solo acoustic shows, in acoustic bands, and in loud electric bands.

At a Scott T. Miller performance, you can expect a lot of really whippie guitar playing, expressive singing, and a lot of mostly humorous songs. A short sampling of song titles should set your expectations properly: Hello Mrs. Porkchop, Wash Your Face, Keep Away From That Porkchop, Keep Your Nose On Your Face, and Porkchops On My Mind.

Note: There are many "Scott Millers" in the music business. More than you would think! All of them are fabulous.
Evil Chicken!!!

Porkbelly Boogie


408 292-5375